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Imagine, today is your first day of retirement and you and your spouse are packing for your trip to Hawaii for two weeks. When you return you'll spend the summer visiting your grand children on the coast and some relatives out of state, returning in time to pack for Europe. You have the confidence that no matter what happens in the market, you have the cash to go.

Granted, not everyone will have this lavish a retirement lifestyle. The important thing is having the confidence that you will be okay. You will have the money to live life as you choose. The most effective way to attain this confidence level is to have a financial plan and follow it.

I have seen couples of modest means create and enjoy some very engaging retirement years by just sitting with a professional to finding out how to live their dreams. Having a fulfilling retirement is a choice, not a hope or a dream.

The decisions we make today, create the choices we have tomorrow.

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