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Our Process

Initial Meeting

Before embarking upon any great and important undertaking it is wise to make sure you have surrounded yourself with the right people. The initial meeting focuses on you and your thoughts on where you are, where you want to go and relevant opinions and experiences you have had. Next I share my philosophies on planning and investing.

When we part, you have the time to discuss whether you feel comfortable with me, and I have the time to talk over the possibilities with my team. We need to wait a minimum of 48 hours before you and I talk and decide to work together. If any one of us is less than comfortable, we should not consider working together.

Engagement and Discovery

If we have decided to move forward, you will be provided a copy of the contract and other paperwork you are required to have before signing. In our next meeting, usually three to five days later, we will sign the contract and begin the discovery process. You will be provided a list of the documents to have ready for this meeting.

Black and White

As much as we try, some pertinent facts do not always find their way into the plan. To correct that, we have an informal presentation of the plan to determine the completeness of our information.

Plan Presentation

Once we are sure of the facts, we formally present the completed plan. We discuss the implementation and "where we go from here”. At this point we discuss the options for implementation and updating the plan, etc.