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The Constantine Brand

Who Are We?

We are Constantine National Financial, Llc. WE are actively engaged in working with people just like you to help ensure they don’t run out of money no matter how long they may live.

What Do We Do?

We educate clients allowing them to interact with their finances in a positive environment, thus enabling them to build a high level of confidence in the future.

How Do We Do It?

Leaving no stone unturned,we focus on our clients, define their financial goals, and employ a variety of methods to achieve those goals.

What Makes Us Different?

The process doesn’t start with the plan; the plan is the process. We understand that the clients’ goals and priorities will change over time. Some of these changes are normal life stages, while other changes are the result of personal growth. All must be accounted for in the plan. We do this by updating the plan each quarter. By renewing the plan on a quarterly basis we are able to shift the emphasis as the clients’ needs and priorities change and keep the client moving forward efficiently and cost effectively.

Why Should You Do Business With Us?

You may be looking for a friend in the business. Our clients have expressed the thought that we are the only true friend they’ve ever had in the business. Our clients’ interests come first.